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From the families we serve:

“Linda has been a lifesaver for my husband and I. She is very knowledgeable and has been a great resource to us. Her experience with Alzheimer’s patients has been most helpful in problem solving when we are struggling with the challenges that arise. Having access to her expertise has been a God send. Linda is not only resourceful, but she is compassionate and has a lot of human empathy. I’m so thankful for her services.
Susan Kelly


“I’m an only child. I live 90 minutes from my dad. Linda is the sister I never had. She knows the providers and the people in central CT. She takes dad to his appointments and coordinates all his care. I send her questions in email at 9:00 PM and get responses before 9:30 PM.”
Michael Golan


“Being a long-distance caregiver can present numerous challenges especially when health and safety issues are involved. After years of my brother living alone it became apparent that he needed more help and direction after sustaining a fall that resulted in a broken leg. Initial support from home care services expires quickly and I was left to determine next steps. I was fortunate to find Linda Worden who worked with me and my family to establish a plan of care from home health aide support, medical alert services and regularly scheduled medical and dental appointments where she could be my eyes, ears and advocate. She has always been available for calls and provides additional insight into the home situation when you are far away.  I highly recommend Worden Eldercare as a way to extend the family unit when distance separates you.”
Randy Gardner-McQuade, RN, BS


“Until Linda came into the picture, Mom’s living situation was precarious. She lived on her own in a small apartment in Wallingford. She had chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), severe back pain, and was prone to falling. Complicating all of this was the fact that she had borderline personality disorder, a mental health condition that stymied her ability to grasp how dire her situation was and severely strained her relationship with me (her son) and my sister. She wasn’t eating well and wasn’t socially active. With Mom living in CT and me in NH, I so wanted her to be in a place where she was safe, where someone would be looking in on her regularly and where she would have reliable social connections. This is where Linda came to the rescue. She quickly found an assisted living apartment in Wallingford. This was a difficult transition for Mom, but Linda was there every step of the way to offer reassurance and emotional support to Mom, whilst allowing me to handle the logistics of the move. Mom loved Linda and looked forward to her visits and shopping excursions with her. And then, as Mom’s money was running out, I thought we would be faced with having to move her into a nursing home. Again Linda saved the day, finding a beautiful and wonderfully caring subsidized assisted living facility in Hartford. Mom passed away this past November, but I have the memory of her last two years, where she experienced many moments of happiness despite all of the health challenges she was faced with. And perhaps the most wonderful outcome of all of this is the fact that the relationship my sister and I had with Mom was exceedingly less strained. We were able to have fun together again. None of this would have been possible without Linda’s assistance.”
George DeWolf, Wentworth, NH


“Linda has been a sensitive enabler of communication between myself, my mother and the three physicians involved in her care.”
Diane Satton


“Linda has been both a breath of fresh air, and a life saver, for the care of our elderly aunt and uncle, since all of us live at least 2 hours away and just cannot get there quickly when needed. She provides a critical element of family supervision of the care giving and living facility, from nearby and on a regular basis. Linda visits our relatives weekly or more often in their assisted living situation, makes constant improvements to their care and living conditions, becomes their close and caring friend, and keeps the dedicated but busy staff focused on the mission and care plan, as only “family watchers” can really do. In short, she is family, and acts like our affectionate sibling who is both on site and on call. She is another pair of eyes, keeps us alerted and informed, is a consistent self-starter, and without doubt has improved the happiness and care quality, as well as safety, for our elderly relatives. She advises the family on big and little things we can and should do, and gives very valuable suggestions and advice on care and care professionals, helps determine when such services are needed, and assists with securing them. She is always willing to pitch in and labor along-side us, in moves and room reorganizations, securing supplies and the like, which is invaluable to us who are so far away. Linda is familiar with many of the service providers and facilities for elder care in the Middletown/Cromwell/Rocky Hill area, and you will be fortunate if you engage Linda on your team for elderly relatives in this area!”
Anonymously Happy Family


“Linda helped us to navigate through uncharted waters in assisting my husband’s 86 year old parents. She provided comprehensive services and helped his parents choose the best fit. I am confident that she will help us in the future as our parents need more skilled care services. Simply stated Linda Worden has been a Godsend!”
Marie Allan


Linda – It’s been about a while since Eunie died.   But, whenever her name comes up in family conversations, yours often does as well. Please know that we still appreciate the help you gave us in finding a friendly, well-managed place for her care. It’s a huge decision, and one about which most people (including us) have little knowledge.  =So it was a relief to find a professional, caring person who was so familiar with the facilities and personnel available. In addition, because all of us lived so far from her home state (which she refused to leave), your willingness to check on her care regularly made the whole process much less painful than it otherwise would have been. As you know, our biggest concern was that she would be just be a room number in a large institution. But the facility you recommended, and the visits you made did away with those fears. It’s good there are people like you in the universe. So thank you again.”
Barry Benedict & Judith Benedict Steffens


When my daughter started looking at colleges we had plenty of time and resources to narrow down and make the best decision for her and our family. When my elderly father’s situation changed (four hours away from me) and decisions about his future needed to be made with haste I knew that I couldn’t just make a rush decision about such an important issue and knew that I didn’t have the slightest idea how to answer all the questions regarding ‘Where Dad should live” —I didn’t even know all the right questions to ask! Luckily for me a colleague referred me to an expert – Linda Worden. Linda calmed me, guided me and rapidly educated me with her professional knowledge and manner. Guided me, that is, to making the best decision for my Dad and our family – location, services, safety, costs and answers to the many “What ifs?” that needed to be considered looking toward the future. With the clock ticking and decisions needing to be made, Linda even returned a call to me while out of the country on vacation! Three months later I can definitely say, with such relief, that we made a great decision. Dad is safe, happy, engaged in activities, enjoying meals AND life again.I feared this would not have been the outcome without Linda’s guidance.  I’m forever grateful to her and the services she offers. She remains a resource to me and a trusted “back up” for any needs that arise or problems if I am away. My daughter didn’t pick the first university she looked at, nor did she choose the one I would have. She chose the one that offered her the best location, services and building blocks for her future, just as Linda guided us in making a decision with similar outcomes for Dad.
Jane Paine & Jack Barrit


From our colleagues and peers:

“I have had nothing, but wonderful experiences working with Linda Worden and her eldercare team over the past 5 years. There are certainly times when elders and families need more support to navigate long term planning, estate planning and preparation or even transitioning from the hospital to a community. Linda cares for her clients like a family member and acts as a strong advocate to ensure they are getting the care and services they are entitled to. Her work far exceeds my expectations of a geriatric care manager when she attends care conference in the nursing home, appears at a probate hearing or even takes a client to her church on Christmas Eve when she has no family members to do so. Linda has the knowledge and expertise to guide clients and families through difficult situations, but also the heart and compassion to care and support those she works with.”
Kate Rabinoff, MSW
Resident Services Coordinator
Arbor Rose at Jerome Home


“I have been practicing law in Connecticut since 1978. From my earliest days my practice has included the legal needs of the elderly and frail. I am a member of a number of elder law organizations including the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). I write and lecture to attorneys on elder law and probate matters frequently. My experience has included helping clients protect themselves, their assets, health and goals. A primary goal of almost every client has been to remain strong and healthy in their homes. I first met Mrs. Worden in my efforts to meet the needs of a women client on the eat side of the river. She was cantankerous and difficulty, even to the point of self-neglect. She was also frail, and had been hospitalized one more time in March of 2014. I contacted Mrs. Worden and she agreed to work with me to help this client. Her first steps were to visit her in the hospital, to review all hospital records, and to consult with the doctors and nurses there. She made all arrangements for safely bringing her home. Fifteen months later, our client is healthy thriving at home, loving her care givers and smiling. Mrs. Worden stops in weekly, takes care of any issue immediately, and keeps me informed. Costs for the care plan are within reason and resources. I sought out Mrs. Worden due to her reputation. She has exceeded my hopes. I have recommended her to attorneys and families seeking help in this field. She does not disappoint. I am always pleased to discuss the great work of Mrs. Worden.”
Malcolm F. Barlow
Barlow & Murphy, LLP


For the last few years, I have had the great opportunity to work very closely with Linda. We share many clients with one another.  Working in conjunction with her has allowed for a very smooth process. For many growing older and needing additional resources can be a challenge, however Linda’s involvement allows for these transitions to move along in a way that doesn’t feel as life changing. Linda makes each step from initial contact to starting the care very seamless for us and her clients. You will be sure to have all t’s crossed and I’s dotted with Linda overseeing your loved one. Her work ethic is exceptional and care as a human is right on target.
Sara M Linskey, MSW
Director of Geriatric Services
Euro-American Connections & Home Care