Our Services

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Every client and family have a unique set of circumstances and needs, requiring different types and levels of service. Below are examples of just some of the type of services we can and have provided:


Comprehensive Assessment

These assessments can take place in home, a facility or during hospitalization. Examples of areas included in assessment are:

  • General Health & Well being (both physical and psycho-social)
  • Home Safety & Environmental Assessment*
  • Assessments for beneficial in-home services or potential alternative placements
  • Cognition & Memory
  • Medication Management
  • Current financial state and money management
  • Available benefits (i.e. long term care policies, veterans benefits)

*In-depth home evaluation and modification evaluations can be done by our trained on staff Occupational Therapist


Continue Care Management

Examples of types of services this can include:

  • Available 24/7 by phone
  • Transporting & chaperoning clients to medical, dental or wellness appointments to ensure communication and carryover of recommendations
  • Ongoing care coordination, client monitoring, evaluation of implemented services
  • On call to attend emergency room visits or urgent appointments
  • Bill paying and financial management


Transition of housing/living arrangements

  • Explore alternative housing options (i.e. supported senior apartments, assisted living, long term care); this may include filing applications or touring facilities
  • Organize all the details and physical components of a move


Other Services

  • Assist with discharge planning from hospital/skilled nursing facility to ensure safe transition to home
  • Arrange for in home services (home health aids, companions, shoppers, cleaning, groceries)
  • Arrange for home safety monitoring and emergency response systems
  • Set up transportation options
  • Locate community resources to increase socialization
  • Arrange for cognitive/mental health evaluations and counseling services
  • Bill paying services and daily money management
  • Support with navigating insurance claims (i.e. medical, long term care)
  • Completion of long term care applications
  • Completion and follow up of Title 19 applications