Worden Eldercare Consulting, LLC was established in 2003 to provide quality and personalized geriatric care management services to the elderly and their families. From issues with health insurance, housing safety, legal or financial concerns, it is easy for individuals and families to get overwhelmed. We work one-on-one to assist families in managing the complexities of caring for an elderly parent or spouse, often providing peace of mind and freeing them up to spend more quality time with loved ones.


What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

The job of a Geriatric Care Manager is multifaceted. As geriatric care managers, we work with families to develop and implement holistic plans of care, which take into consideration individual needs and unique circumstances. We are often called upon when a family finds themselves in crisis and are struggling to balance all that is necessary to care for an aging or ailing family member. We are aware of the range of opportunities and services available to the aging populations, therefore are able to make recommendations and referrals which ensure quality, cost effective care to best meet the needs of our clients.

At Worden Eldercare, we are experts in providing comprehensive assessment for the specialized needs of the aging population. A detailed plan and list of personalized recommendations is created that ensures all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to promote health, safety and quality of life for the individual and the caregivers.

We are advocates for all of our clients ensuring that all their rights and entitlements are met. This can mean everything from health insurance, understanding and utilizing long term care policies, or accessing veterans benefits. We ensure our clients receive the quality care they deserve.

We are navigators of the complex web that is our health system. We can address and navigate health concerns including medical, social-emotional and cognitive/memory concerns. We ensure communication and carryover between health care providers (i.e. physicians, nurses, home health aids), facilities and family members.

We are client and family educators on everything from client rights to community resources.

We are committed to the physical and mental wellness of each of our clients. We ensure aging individuals are as safe, healthy, and happy as possible.


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